Wednesday, March 3, 2010

someone using
ASecond Life version of Christina's world

I want to talk about what is digital art work.
and show some differences between analog art and digital art.

Digital Art"Digital art is an umbrella term for a range of artistic works and practices that utilize digital technology."

Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World

Depressing, Americana, traditional painting.

Shag's Christina's World

Shag's version is much brighter and wholly digital.

Paparazzi Art(unknown)- Amy Winehouse's world

Digitally made photo collage.

Just in these examples, and many other art works with a strong influence from traditional painting, we can see a huge difference in the end result. There is a very wide variety in these examples, only the general composition with a figure in the foreground and a object in the background with completely different meanings.

As posted on my facebook

To start questioning these concepts I have been thinking about, I started a Facebook dialogue with a few people to get some general opinions.

"As a favor! for my class. Please answer here and post this for me. just for a few responses then delete your post if you like. "What kind of art/creativity are you involved with?" " What is digital art to you?" "What is the future of digital art?"

Jessie H.-
I'm not currently involved with any art atm. Digital art to me is pixar movies and the like and it's future is the 3d media coming out.

Jonathan G.-
i tale photos on medium format film. to me, digital art is a part of all art. even though i shoot in film, i still scan the images to convert them to digital files to edit. i feel digital has become almost universal. it's a way of representing something that was done in an analogue way or it can be the medium of an art form in and of itself. i feel... See More like the future of digital art is in virtual representations of reality, moving from 2-d representations to 4-d real time existence that is entirely constructed by an artist.
Calvin C.-
Acrylic painting and music are the mediums i like to work with. I lack the patience for digital art, being a bit of a technophobe the whole digital medium feels far to tedious and detached for me to be involved in. That being said, i am continually astounded by what is possible in the digital medium

Pablo C.-
Digital art is Rosie the Robot making out with R2D2 in the backseat of a runaway electric Prius. Or at least it should be.

Miller H.-
I make sound and visual art. Digital is anything. Asissted by a microprocessor. The future of it might be the vj scene or diy multitouch.

Clarence R.
I play music and dabble in drawing/painting (been dabbling since I could hold a pencil/crayon)....Initially, I viewed digital art the same way I viewed "noise music":Something for those w/out actual talent/ability to "Cheat" their way into a scene......But, the more I viewed and investigated these different art forms, the more I saw things I liked. It did what good art is supposed to do:
Got me out of my own ruts, and square thinking, and pushed me into different realms of thought. I stand corrected!·

David C.-
I play music using machines that transform my playing to digital and repeat it. I rely on it. I need band mates

What's your opinion about Digital Art? (accepting links, discussion...stuff)

Andrea S.-
I'm not even sure what that means anymore. Is that art thats created completely on computer? Digital Photography? Digital Photography that's been manipulated at all? Any art thats been digitized and then somehow manipulated? Even if Digital Art encompasses all of these things, its a pretty broad question. I think the spectrum of things created ... See Moreor manipulated digitally is pretty large.. it ranges from crap to good. Obviously there are some real talented people out there producing it. I think the spectrum is probably pretty similar to fine arts as well.

Kelly K.-
Digital art has it's place, but can never replace analog art forms for me. I work in both, depending on what I want the final outcome to be. Digital filmmaking & photography would be my fave digital mediums. And that's what I have to say about that.

Lucas S.-
Art is about creativity and progression or it is just decoration. It’s only meaningful when it’s relevant. What’s relevant now?

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm reading through (Kate Rothschild)'s rant about the her proposed concepts of the future of digital art.
She states
"We will see a further blending of virtual and
physical worlds not only in artwork but also
in its exhibition and marketing."

She is forming sense of collaboration and encompassing spectrum of digital art pervading every aspect of life so casually that we won't even think twice about it.

This is a blog?

Oh, yeah, This is a blog.
For my Introduction to Electronic Publishing class.
I am going to attempt to transcribe about Digital Art from it's beginnings and into/about the future.
Actually, I don't know much about digital art and I may have even said a few crude things about the creations and creators.
I am not sure where this blog is headed or what my final conclusion will be.

So far I am just exploring the prospects of digital art and media, convergence culture, transmedia, technology and collaborative works. Sure.